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 The etchings I create and sell are all limited edition fine art prints. 


A Reproduction (also confusingly referred to as a print) is an identical copy of an original work of art made by a mechanical or photomechanical process, and never involves the hand of the artist. 


These may include offset prints as well as Giclee or Iris prints ( higher end reproductions made with a sophisticated ink jet printer).   These may also be signed and numbered, but there is virtually no limit to the number of “prints” or reproductions that can be made in these ways. Because of this, these images on paper can ultimately be of very little monetary value.


An Original Print is made by a recognized graphic arts process in which the artist has created the master image on the plate and has printed it by hand.


Original prints are signed and numbered in editions which are truly limited due to the materials and processes involved. 


Note: The vast majority of the etching editions I create are also all individually hand-painted with watercolor.





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