C. C. Barton 

Fine Art


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Framed Work Available

Contact me at the studio to purchase



Here is the list of the limited amount of framed work available for purchase, along with number of each still available and the price. 

Shipping is additional and runs $65 for each framed piece. I give discounts for multiple pieces shipped in the same box. 

If it is one of the very large pieces, such as the Spring Quartet or Isis & Magpie, shipping will be $79.


(Please note: I will no longer be accepting credit cards after June 30 and payment will be by personal checks only. After I'm settled in Denver and have time to work on my website I plan on installing a PayPal checkout system. Until then, I apologize for the inconvenience.)


Mastering the 'Art' of French Cooking - $725 each


(1) Lapin aux Cerises                                                  

(1) Lapin aux Grenades                                               

(2) Lapin aux Pamplemousse                                     

(1) Lapin aux Pêches                                         

(1) Deux Lapins et Poire                                              

(2) Lapin aux Chou Frisé                                   

(2) Petit Lapin en Croûte                                   

(1) La Cathédrale du Lapin                                

(1) Lapin aux Belles-de-Jour                                      

(2) Je Suis Pierre Lapin                                               

(2) Je Suis Pierre Lapin - Deux                        


Bird Dog Series - $825 each


(1) Isis & Magpie                                                 

(2) Hector the Protector                          

(2) BeeBug & Bluebirds      


Sketchbook Series - $700 each


(1) Highway Haiku                                              

(1) The Potter's House                                      

(1) Ghost Ranch                                


 (1) Cactus Diptych  -  $800                                     


(1) Spring Quartet   - $1500                              

 (All four flowers - Tulip, Iris, Daffodil, Day Lily - matched Artist's Proofs framed

together in a beautiful burl veneer frame, set off by a French line around the mat perimeter.

(I hand-inked this delicate line with gold pigmented ink using my mother's favorite ruling pen from her high school drafting class).


(1) Nest I     -   $525                                      

(1) Nest I    -    $550 Artist's Proof            

(1) Nest II   -    $525                                    


(1) Ladybug   - $725                                    

(I have two in gold-over-silver frames and one in a burl veneer frame)


(1) Entre Nous 1  - $450 Artist's Proof          

(1) Entre Nous 2 - $450                                  


(1) Saint Francis -  $400