C. C. Barton 

Fine Art


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The Artist's Sketchbook Series  





The Artistís Sketchbook pieces are perhaps the closest to my soulís true nature ~ the union of visual art and the written word.

My motherís creative language was decidedly visual - she drew and painted and encouraged me to truly "see" the world I lived in. My fatherís passion was words - I grew up surrounded by books and my father reading aloud in a deep and resonant voice whatever poem or story captured his imagination in the moment.  Their gifts to me, together with my own intrinsic need to embrace both paths, have allowed me the joy of being able to experience my world in two different creative languages. 

The sketchbook image is, for me,  the ideal symbolic presentation for these works on paper, for it is within the pages of my own sketchbook that both images and words begin to come to life.

Thank you for giving me the great pleasure of sharing these works with you.

                                                                           ~ C.C. Barton