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Mastering the 'Art' 


French Cooking   

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                                                                        ABOUT THE WORK  


        This series came about because I am an avid reader of cookbooks.

One day while enjoying my second hand copy of Julia Child’s classic cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking - Vol I, I was struck by the beautiful language describing the fresh ingredients in the recipes as well as the lyrical French titles of the various dishes. The combination was basic and elegant at the same time ~ simple and fresh and extraordinary. 

Because creativity in itself is a mystery, I won’t attempt to explain the alchemy that produced the idea to create compositions with images of live animals accompanied by a variety of fresh ingredients ~ fruits and vegetables ~ served up with French titles, but I will tell you that the conception of these works came together nearly effortlessly and with great passion like the very best cooking often does and are presented to you fresh from my studio for your enjoyment.

Thank you for giving me the great pleasure of sharing these works with you.

                                       ~ C.C. Barton