C. C. Barton 

Fine Art


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    “The creative mind plays with the objects it loves” ~ Carl Jung


My imagination is the most important tool in my kit.  It informs every aspect of my work, from the elements of composition to the choice of colors on my palette and finally, how I choose to portray my chosen subject. 

I primarily choose animals and flowers and nests for my subjects. Luscious fruits and vegetables are often given walk-on roles on the stage of my creations, adding vibrant color and an element of surprise to the compositions. 

Much of my work is done in a series format.  Using my imagination, I develop a concept and continue creating new editions of work under the umbrella of that thematic concept until I no longer feel I have anything more to say about it.  I generally have a lot to say about a subject so, for me, this is an ideal way to work.  My collectors seem to enjoy it as well.

My work and ideas come from a desire to make something beautiful.  The humor that creeps in from time to time can’t be helped.

I hope that my work will in some way enrich your life.

~ C.C. Barton