C. C. Barton 

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Dwellings:  The Potter's House

(Text of the poem below)

Three Plates  /   Paper Dimension: 12" x 9"

Hand-colored Etching on Handmade Watercolor Paper

with Original Poetry

Edition: 100 + 15  Artist  Proofs

(Contact the Studio for Prices and Framing Options)




Dwellings:  The Potter's House


                            There is a potter who builds a simple house

                            ~ a dwelling smaller than a shoebox.


                            The sturdy ochre walls - 

                            fired slabs of clay, shaped and smoothed by hands

                            not unlike those of a master gardener,

                            for whom the earth 

                            and a certain measure of water upon it

                            is the stuff of life.


                            And inside this house is a little candle

                            that you can light with a match

                            and find a metaphor

                            for the simplicity

                            and the grace


                            of a life well lived.


C.C. Barton